Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer run, non-profit organization, the Guild provides many opportunities for you to give back to the community. Our May meeting is not only the time to submit our entries for the Adjudicated Show but also the deadline to fill our Executive positions of the Guild for next year. The nomination lists will be posted again during the May 10th Guild meeting. We have had a number of nominations already but we still have some positions to be filled. Elections will also be held during the May 10th Guild meeting. We need to fill all of our Executive positions in order to keep our Guild functioning next year.

Open Positions

Vice President

The Vice President shall support operational needs of the Executive Council through the following actions:
  • Book the facilities for General Meetings
  • Communicate with the Programme Co-ordinator to facilitate arrangements for guest speakers (e.g. audio visual aids)
  • Assist the President as needed
  • In the absence of the President, perform the President's duties
  • Serve as a signing officer for the Guild, as required
  • Represent the Guild as invited
Estimated Commitment:
Number of Volunteers Needed: 0
Opening: Immediately

Website Committee Member

Would you like to contribute to the website? We need people to work on various aspects of the website. Tasks could include:
  • Writing content for the website
  • Contributing to the design of the website
  • Writing code for the website
  • Taking care of our technology needs
If you have skills that could help with any of these tasks, or think you have something else that could help with the website, we'd love to have your help.
Estimated Commitment: 2+ hours per month
Number of Volunteers Needed: 4
Opening: Immediately

Library Volunteer

Take returned books and put them back in the system and place them back on the shelves
Estimated Commitment: 3h/month
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1
Opening: Immediately

Door Prize Ticket Distributor

Hand out door prize tickets to attendees at meetings
Estimated Commitment: 0.25
Number of Volunteers Needed: 1
Opening: Immediately