Speakers for 2011 Knitters' Fair

We have two fabulous speakers for this year's fair.  Kate Atherley and Denise Powell. These seminars are included in the cost of your admission and are on a first come basis. No preregistration is required. Kate Atherley 10:30 The first time doesn’t have to be awful: your first sweater, your first socks, your first shawl & how to make them better. Learning to knit and learning to knit a garment are completely different things, and yet this is rarely addressed in knitting books or classes. I’ve been teaching knitting for nearly 10 years, and every week I see knitters struggle with the same problem: how to get from knitting and purling to successfully executing patterns. I’ll explain why this evolution is so challenging, and why the current knitting literature doesn’t help. I’ll talk about how knitters of all levels can avoid the “horrible first attempt” syndrome while improving their skills and taking on new challenges. I’ll share my “training sock” philosophy (and patterns), and I’ll provide a series of tips and techniques for ensuring that your first attempt at any new technique is always fun, easy and successful. Denise Powell 3:00 A Knitter Looks at Traditional Quilt Designs Our quilting friends have a vast inventory of modular designs that can be used to form blankets, bags, garments and more. Come and learn a few basic tricks for analyzing a quilt design and turning it into knitting. See also the Summer 2011 issue of “A Needle Pulling Thread” for Denise’s article on this topic and a simple pattern to get you started.
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