2016 Knitters' Fair - Calling Volunteers

We know that it's still summer, and you would much rather think about swimming and ice cream than fall colours and warm wool, but as a knitter, I know I'm thinking about these things all the time! That's why I'm preparing for the KW Knitters' Fair now, and I'd like you to, as well.

This event is run entirely by volunteers, and we couldn't run it without over 100 amazing people to help out. Most volunteer shifts are only 2 hours long, and in exchange, you get free entry into the fair (a $7 value)! To help us plan for this year's event, we hope that you will sign up early to commit to coming to help out.

Please email volunteer@kwknittersguild.ca or use our handy new online form to tell us when you are available and whether you require a seated job. Our volunteer coordinator would be so happy if all positions were filled early so she could go on vacation, too!

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