May 2014 Program: AGM and Ask an Expert - Featuring YOU!

We have a dual agenda for our feature in May. First, that dry and dreaded Annual General Meeting that every organization must face, once a year. The Guild Executive will be doing our utmost to keep the business concise, though we will be ensuring member questions are answered and next year's Budget proposal is approved. Because we know you come in for the program, not the number crunching, we aim to move very quickly through business and to a novel format for the remainder of the evening, an Ask The Expert "Open Mic" night for any and all Q&A about knitting or the broader operations of the Guild. You can bring the Ask, or you can bring the Expert! Minimally moderated to keep things moving, we are inviting all members, and any guests who would like to join us to come in with your best questions - or answers! - about the knitting world as you see it. Please see our May Newsletter for the full description.   While I have your eyes for the moment, you will see from our soon to be posted Newsletter that we have a number of Executive positions open for the coming year. It remains a bit of a struggle to get people to stand and volunteer for what must sometimes seem like daunting jobs. The irony of the situation is, the jobs are that much more intimidating for the lack of willing applicants! As a Guild member for about 6 years now, and someone who has been on the Executive or extended executive volunteer group, I would like to personally encourage anyone with an interest in seeing the Guild change for the better to stand for one of the open positions. The Executive positions are flexible within some minimal parameters, consume between 2-12 hours a month, and afford the opportunity to gain organizational experience, network in our community, work cooperatively with an amazing group of colleagues, and steer the Guild in positive new directions. The current executive is keenly aware that members, new and longstanding, have input to offer. While we continue to seek better pathways to communicate with everyone, volunteering for an open Executive seat is the ideal way to bring your voice to the Guild as a whole and have your say in setting the course for the coming year or years. Please feel free to speak to any current, outgoing, or incoming Executive member to learn about what's really involved in the role(s) of interest to you.

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