February 2013 Program

Colorwork with Kate Atherley Feared and loved in equal measure. So simple and yet so difficult. So easy to learn and yet so intimidating. Even seasoned colorwork knitters feel their technique needs work, yet new knitters leap in fearlessly. In this session, Kate will take about why we feel this way, and how we can make colorwork fun and easy for everyone. She’ll dispell some of the key myths and misunderstandings, she’ll share techniques both clever and simple, and share some of her own horror stories to make you feel better about your own knitting! Along the way, she’ll talk about steeking, and why it’s totally worth the risk! And she’ll show you how colorwork is the first step to becoming a designer, and customizing your knits. Kate is Knitty.com’s lead Technical Editor, and a seasoned designer & teacher in her own right. Her first, “Beyond Knit and Purl”, has been praised as the 21st century version of “Knitting for Anarchists”, and she is well-known for her fresh and pragmatic approach to knitting. She’s taught at events like Sock Summit, Vogue Knitting Live and Interweave Knitting Lab, but loves to visit her friends in K/W as often as possible. For many years, colorwork made Kate nervous.

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