November 2012 Program

Double-knitting is a technique for creating a fabric with no wrong side. Alasdair Post-Quinn has been collecting double-knitting techniques and developing concepts that use this reversible fabric in exciting new ways. He's documented much of his work in his book "Extreme Double-Knitting: New Adventures in Reversible Colorwork" but he's always discovering more techniques. He'll talk about his development as a knitter and then take you on a tour of his brain as he shows his process and progress in the exploration of the depths of this esoteric technique. Alasdair Post-Quinn is a lifelong crafter who has been obsessed with double-knitting for most of the past decade. He's released patterns and a book, and teaches double-knitting to students at all levels of experience. He's doing his best to balance his time between his job, his knitting, and his family (OK, his wife and cat), and is looking forward to being able to dedicate more time to bringing the gospel of double-knitting to the world.

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