What to Expect At Meetings?

Yarn Table

The purpose of the yarn table is to raise money for the Guild (10% of all sales go to support Guild activities), while at the same time providing an opportunity for members to sell yarn, fibre, knitting books and magazines and other knitting-related items that they are no longer using.

Yarn Table Procedures

In order to make the sale and donation processes easy and transparent for both the volunteers at the yarn table and members selling items, the following procedures have been put in place:

Sellers must provide an itemized list with prices and their names. All items must be labelled to correspond to the list. Volunteers use this list to keep track of what has been sold and how much is owed to that particular seller and the Guild.

Magazines can be particularly difficult to keep track of as stacks often get mixed up when people sort through them. To help, sellers are asked to include these on the itemized list, but it is not necessary to list each magazine in full detail (i.e. name of magazine, date, etc.). A listing such as Item number/item (magazine)/price is sufficient. Corresponding labelling must also be on each individual magazine.

Sellers are asked to price items on a per skein/ball or bag basis. Tiered pricing is difficult for volunteers to manage due to the volume of sales at the yarn table.

In fairness to our Local Yarn Stores, the yarn table only accepts items from personal sellers (i.e. not business?retail or re-sellers).

The Guild appreciates free or donation items. These can be left at the donation table, rather than the yarn table.

The Guild and volunteers are not responsible for lost or damaged items on the yarn sale table.

At the end of the evening, sellers must collect their unsold items and any proceeds from the sales. Any uncollected funds or items will be donated to the Guild.

It is helpful if sellers have small change to aid in the processing of the 10% of sales going to the Guild.

Thank you for making the yarn table a successful fundraising activity for the Guild.

Charity Table

The history of this table goes back more than 10 years. At that time people were making and donating things on their own and using their own yarn to do it. The executive thought that if they didn’t have to use up their own stash (OK put a little dent in it) then more people might lend their hands to knitting for others. I have also heard, but haven’t actually seen, that some people don’t have a stash. (!?)

So the Charity Table came about. There was a large yarn donation and some members took zip-lock bags and filled them with patterns and enough yarn to complete them.

Charity Table Procedures

The idea is that members will come and take a bag from the table, knit the item and bring it back to the Charity Table when it is finished. These are passed on to various charities. Right now they are going to Canadian Food for Children who ship items all over the world and are completely volunteer and donation driven, There are no administrative costs at all.

However, you contribution can go to any charity that you wish. You can drop it off yourselves and either return the copy of the pattern or pick up more yarn and knit more. There is no watchdog, no requirement to check in and you can give your item away where ever you wish. We trust that the giving hearts and hands of the Guild will pass along the items as needed.

If you hear or know of anyone with yarn to donate (from one ball to one garbage bag full) the Charity Table is always pleased to accept it.

Lending Library

The Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Guild has a small collection of books and magazines available to members for browsing and borrowing during our monthly meetings. The library opens at 7:00, 30 minutes before the start of each meeting. Books checked out are due at the next meeting.

View and search the catalog for the collection at Library Thing

The Guild currently has a subscription to the following magazines:
  • Interweave Knits
  • Knit N’ Style
  • Knitters
  • Knit Simple
  • Vogue Knitting

Lending Library Procedures

To borrow a book, simply take your book to one of the checkout computers where a library volunteer is stationed. It is our hope that we will be able to have 3 stations running up until the end of the break at the meetings on a regular basis to make the checkout process quicker. In order to make checkout faster, please have your Guild name tag on you so we can make sure the spelling of names is accurate in our system.

To return a book, place it on the library table in the plastic bin that is provided.

You can renew a book if the book hasn't been placed on hold. To check if the book is on hold, you can either ask one of our library volunteers, or you can check the status of the book yourself by checking on LibraryThing

Once you've determined that a book isn't on hold, a library volunteer can renew the book for you at one of the computer stations at the library table.

Books can be put on hold by speaking to a library volunteer in person on a meeting night, or by emailing library@kwknittersguild.ca. Please provide the name of the book and your full name and we can put it on hold for you for the following Guild meeting.

As we don't always get a chance to go through all the holds, if you have placed a book on hold, please come to the library table at the meeting to check the status of the book.