2022 Knitters' Fair!

Guess what? It's on! Get ready to join us for all the wonderful yarn and yarn-related goodies that await you at the K-W Knitters' Fair!

Come to the fair!

We love guests! Come check us out.

Guests are welcome to attend K-W Knitters' Guild meetings. Guest fees are $5 per meeting, and welcome to attend up to two meetings per year (September through May). To attend more than 2 meetings per year, we request that you become a member.

Guests are even mentioned in our constitution

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Membership is open to anyone, of any skill level (or none at all!) who is interested in knitting. The guild year runs from September 1 to the end of May. Annual dues are $35.00. Our link below contains registration and payment information.

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Yarn Table

Have some yarn you need to sell? Want to find some new yarn? Check out the yarn table to buy or sell yarn and other knitting related items.

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