Adjudicated Show: June 12 at 7

It's adjudicated show time at the First United Church in Waterloo! The items have all been judged, and it's time to find out what the judge thought! Join us to see the parade of beautiful items as the audience (free admission) or as a volunteer model.

I can help

The KW Knitters' Fair needs you

The KW Knitters' Fair is run entirely by volunteers, and we couldn't run it without over 100 amazing people to help out. Most volunteer shifts are only 2 hours long, and in exchange, you get free entry into the fair (a $7 value).

I could spare a couple hours to volunteer

We love guests! Come check us out.

Guests are welcome to attend K-W Knitters' Guild meetings. Guest fees are $5 per meeting, or waived with proof of active membership in another craft guild. Guests are welcome to attend up to two meetings per year (September through May). To attend more than 2 meetings per year, we request that you become a member.

Guests are even mentioned in our constitution

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If you are interested in learning more about the Guild and meetings, check out our newsletter.

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