Can We Send You To The Movies? With Knitting?

Hey, Knitters! How’s your summer going?

Are you knitting? Are you getting out with friends? Are you knitting with friends?

The Guild was recently offered a handful of promotional passes to an upcoming screening of the new movie “The F Word” starring Daniel Radcliffe. How did this come to the Guild? Well, a central theme in the life of the love interest in this romantic comedy is her connection to a knitting group that helps her through all of life’s ups and downs. How familiar does THAT sound to some of us?


So, here’s what we’ll do with these passes: they’re to be raffled off amongst our community. Be you a member or a potential member, you’re eligible. Just let us know you’re an interested social knitter!

Email or send us a tweet @kwknittersguild with an attached photo of your social knitting situation. Knitting with friends, knitting at the pub, knitting on vacation, knitting in the office at lunch. Any out-in-public knitting activity you do! You can use any photo source, we’ll check it out online & that’s it.

The screening is at:
Thursday, August 7, 2014
Show Time: 7:00 PM
Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo
550 King Street North

We have 4 double passes to attend for free! Please note these are specifically for the date, time, and location listed above – we will send the winners an e-code to redeem online for passes.

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Knitters’ Fair is in the Works – Volunteers Needed!

This year’s Fair is fast approaching on Saturday, September 13th. Are you interested in getting in for free? Save your money for yarn! We are working hard to make this Fair even better and bigger than before but we really need your help.

Volunteers are required for a 2-hour shift. There are a few spots in the morning (9-11 and 11-1) but many more are needed for the afternoon (1-3 and 3-5). You need not be a Member of the Guild in order to volunteer, though we hope you’d want to be, anyway! If you can help, please send your name, e-mail address and phone number to Thank you!


May Program: AGM and Ask an Expert – Featuring YOU!

We have a dual agenda for our feature in May. First, that dry and dreaded Annual General Meeting that every organization must face, once a year. The Guild Executive will be doing our utmost to keep the business concise, though we will be ensuring member questions are answered and next year’s Budget proposal is approved.

Because we know you come in for the program, not the number crunching, we aim to move very quickly through business and to a novel format for the remainder of the evening, an Ask The Expert “Open Mic” night for any and all Q&A about knitting or the broader operations of the Guild. You can bring the Ask, or you can bring the Expert! Minimally moderated to keep things moving, we are inviting all members, and any guests who would like to join us to come in with your best questions – or answers! – about the knitting world as you see it.

Please see our May Newsletter for the full description.


While I have your eyes for the moment, you will see from our soon to be posted Newsletter that we have a number of Executive positions open for the coming year. It remains a bit of a struggle to get people to stand and volunteer for what must sometimes seem like daunting jobs. The irony of the situation is, the jobs are that much more intimidating for the lack of willing applicants! As a Guild member for about 6 years now, and someone who has been on the Executive or extended executive volunteer group, I would like to personally encourage anyone with an interest in seeing the Guild change for the better to stand for one of the open positions. The Executive positions are flexible within some minimal parameters, consume between 2-12 hours a month, and afford the opportunity to gain organizational experience, network in our community, work cooperatively with an amazing group of colleagues, and steer the Guild in positive new directions. The current executive is keenly aware that members, new and longstanding, have input to offer. While we continue to seek better pathways to communicate with everyone, volunteering for an open Executive seat is the ideal way to bring your voice to the Guild as a whole and have your say in setting the course for the coming year or years.

Please feel free to speak to any current, outgoing, or incoming Executive member to learn about what’s really involved in the role(s) of interest to you.

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Knitters’ Frolic Bus Trip – All Aboard!

Again this year, the KW Knitters Guild is hosting a bus trip to the Knitters’ Frolic in Toronto, on Saturday, April 26th. The Guild members have had their advance sign-up chance, so the trip is now open to everyone! Friends, family, and all local knitting fans welcome to join. Here’s the skinny:

Morning pickup: 9 am, the bus will leave Waterloo by 9:30 or when all signed up participants are on board.
Departs from: Uptown Waterloo, behind First United Church in the Town Square lot
Pick up stop: Carpool lot at Morriston, Hwy 6 South& 401, by 10 am.

The bus MUST leave the Frolic by 4 pm to get back to the lot on time. Drop-offs at both locations, expecting to be back in Waterloo by 5 pm.

Cost: $5. This is payable at the bus if you have not paid already.

PLEASE LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING, so we don’t leave without you! An email to INFO at with your name(s), location for pickup, and phone/email address is sufficient.

Please note the admission to the Frolic is your responsibility; the $5 fare is for the bus trip.

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April Program, and a Knitters’ Frolic trip update.

Spring is finally making some small inroads! We hope to see lots of folks out in the longer daylight hours on Tuesday. Catherine will be our speaker this month, talking about and showing off some One-Skein Wonders, perfect examples of accessories which you still have plenty of time to knit for entry into this year’s adjudicated show. She has also promised a little interactivity to the program – be prepared for some audience participation, and I hear there may be some prizes for being part of it!

Please don’t forget about the Guild’s bus trip to the DKC Knitters’ Frolic in Toronto on April 26th. The bus is booked, and we are very happy to share with everyone that the cost of transport is reduced to $5 per seat! Members have had their advance month to sign up, so the bus is now open to all interested knitters to join us for a road trip. Please note the fare is for the transit only, you are still responsible for your Frolic admission, but I challenge anyone to find a gas price that will get you to Toronto for $5! Stay tuned for departure and return specifics.

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March Program – Life’s Little Luxuries

Tabi will be this month’s speaker, and will be telling us all about what makes luxury yarns so luxurious, and how the fibres are handled from animals to end use. Precious luxury yarns are the perfect thing for a tiny treat of an accessory, so come out and learn all about them – we hope you’ll be inspired to find yourself a sumptuous something to get knit up for the June show!

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February Program – Knit-a-long!

Just a short teaser ahead of our newsletter, so folks have time to prepare!

For the February program, Anatomy Of The Sock, our speaker will be talking us through an optional Knit-a-long activity. For those who would like to participate, you’ll need to bring just a couple things along:

  • scrap yarn, about 20 grams should be more than sufficient
  • double-pointed or 1 or 2 circular needles to suit the weight of yarn

Previous sock-knitting is not necessary, but it will be helpful if you’re comfortable knitting in the round. A couple links to further info will be posted soon!


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Skills night!

December is a great time to learn new skills we can maybe practice right away on our holiday knitting!  This month we’re focusing on great ways to get your knitting started, with 3 unique ways to cast-on, as well as a handy skill, two-handed knitting. Be sure to bring the required supplies for the skills you’d like to learn along to our meeting December 10th.

Two-Handed Knitting

Frustrated with trying to work stranded colourwork with both colours in one hand or having to switch back and forth? Try out a new technique by knitting two-handed.  Not just great for colourwork but can also be used for things like joining in a new ball to your project.

Bring 2 colours of yarn and appropriate needles if you’d like to try this technique.

Tubular Cast-On

A great companion to the Tubular Bind-off, Tubular Cast-On is great for starting a project off in ribbing for a nice firm but stretchy, seamless looking edge.

To try this technique bring 2 colours of yarn (one to use as a waste yarn) and appropriate needles.

Judy’s Magic Cast-On

Back by popular request, we have Judy’s Magic Cast-on, with some extra fun: NOT JUST FOR SOCK TOES! This versatile method can be adapted for not just all knit-in-the-round projects, like mittens, sock monsters, or tubular scarves, but for flat circular knitting (the Pi shawl), any centre-out project, and it’s even an awesome provisional cast-on.

The basic JMCO was first published in Knitty Magazine in 2006, and is still available online here: For copyright reasons, this page cannot be offered as a handout, however, it can always be reviewed at the above link.

Participants wishing to try this technique out should bring at least one circular needle; two would be ideal particularly if you want to try a larger project than just a sock toe/mitten top. Any yarn appropriate for the needle size is fine. If you have a particular application you would like to use the JMCO for, bring along your suggestions and we’ll brainstorm it with you!

Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On

For projects that require a super stretchy cast-on, come learn Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On.  As described here,, the slipknot cast-on is a great stretchy cast-on edge that pairs well with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off.

Bring yarn and appropriate needles to try out this new cast-on!

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Dear KW Knitters’ Fair attendees

On behalf of the Fair Committee, I would like to thank everyone who joined us for the 2013 fair, and apologize for the issues that we had moving to a new location. As you can imagine, moving such a large event is a huge undertaking, and we had a few last-minute snags that compounded to create the long lines that many of you weathered, and the lack of seating once you got inside.

There were several reasons for the move from Bingeman’s, including operating costs, location, and parking. We especially regret the new fire regulations that made the space too small for our usual capacity, but these were new province-wide rules that would have affected the old location as well. We do our best to keep up with all of the rules, but this one took us by surprise.

We have heard lots of feedback from attendees and from those who were unable to wait to get in, and have many ideas for making next year’s fair better. We think that The Aud can be a great location for the event, and we hope that you will join us in giving them another chance next year.

Keep watching this website for updates throughout the year, where we will let you know about the new things we are doing to improve the situation. At the very least, we will have more space so that the fire safety rules will allow more people in at a time, more seating on the same level as the shops, and more food options. I hope to have other exciting new events to share with you all, as soon as they are confirmed!

Jennifer Dellow
2014 Knitters’ Fair Coordinator

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September 2013 Program Update – “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes…”

This year we’re exploring the world of “Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes… and we don’t mind Arms either”. We’re talking accessories here ladies, the items you wouldn’t wear by themselves in public! We start the year with a panel discussion of why we knit accessories, why we love them and what they enable us to try. We’ll conclude the year with our adjudicated show, judged by Kate Atherley, author of the recently published book “Knit Accessories: Essentials and Variations”. Between September and June we’ll bring you all kinds of inspiration focusing on the topic at hand, accessories.

We’ll start off our accessory adventure in September with a panel discussion featuring talented members from our own community, exploring the questions of why we knit accessories and what to keep in mind as you knit them.

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